On 23 November 2016, the BroadMap project was presented in the context of the latest PSCE conference in Athens. The project was presented under the focus on ‘Broadband worldwide’. The presentations expanded on the most recent developments in the USA.

In the context of proposals aiming at weakening encryption to facilitate the work of law enforcement, ENISA has published an opinion which gives an overview of the current debate on encryption, while highlighting the Agency’s key messages and views on the topic.    

The BroadMap project was presented during the Joint ETSI-CEPT/ECC Workshop entitled “Public Protection and Disaster Relief: Regulatory changes and new opportunities for Broadband PPDR”, which took place on 29th September in ETSI’s Headquarters in Sophia Antipolis, France.    

On 30th September, the largest Work Package of the BroadMap project consolidating and validating practitioners’ requirements has been completed and delivered to the European Commission. This was the largest consultation of European PPDR end users ever carried out with the aim to validate and prioritise requirements for European interoperable broadband applications, services, networks and devices.    

Swedish and Norwegian TETRA networks begin cross-border radio communications interoperability testing as part of a project to support public safety co-operation at national borders.    

On the 21st October 2016, PSCE signed an agreement with 3GPP to become a Market Representation Partner. During the ceremony, David Lund was invited to sign the official agreement.

The BroadMap consortium cordially invites PPDR End Users / Practitioners to the dedicated BroadMap Stakeholder Workshop, to be held on the 10th of November 2016 in Brussels, Belgium. Further details are available below.

What: BroadMap Stakeholder Workshop

When: 10 November 2016

Where: Belgian Federal Police, Auditorium. Rue Royale 202A, 1000, Brussels.

Registration: To register, please fill out this online form: http://www.broadmap.eu/stakeholder-event-registration 

On 10th of November, BroadMap organised in Brussels its dedicated BroadMap Stakeholders’ Workshop, where practitioners were invited to hear about the state-of-play of the project and share their views on a number of key issues related to the future evolution of EU broadband applications and interoperable radio communication solution. About 60 participants from 16 countries attended this event, representing a large community of PPDR practitioners.    

The BroadMap project was presented during the European Assistance for Innovation Procurement (EAFIP) event, which took place in Athens on 18-19 October 2016.    

The United Kingdom Government is replacing the current emergency communication service managed by Airwave and used by police, fire and ambulance services, with a brand new system, the Emergency Services Network (ESN). ESN promises to be the most advanced emergency communication service in the world, but as it is not yet being used by any other nation, the risks of implementing ESN are yet to be known.

The BroadMap project was presented during a workshop organised in Brussels by FVB (Forschungsverbund Berlin e.V), which represents eight German research institutes specialised in natural sciences, life sciences and environmental sciences.