The national workshop in Germany took place on 22nd and 23rd June 2016 near Munich in the Alps region.

It was organized by Bavarian Red Cross (DE-BRK). Mr. Matthias Max Head of Research and Civil Protection German Red Cross - Headquarters was proud that the Red Cross can offer a BroadMap Workshop where 25 participants from Federal Agency for Public Safety Digital Radio, the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior, for Building and Transport, federal police, State’s Fire Brigade School Geretsried, German Maritime Search and Rescue Association, integrate command centre (112) Schweinfurt, medical service, lifeguard service, mountain rescue, fire and rescue services meet to exchange ideas about broadband radio communications systems. It was important that   representatives from the Austrian Red Cross Headquarters and the local branches of Salzburg an Tirol  took part to discuss about cross border communication and common missions between Germany and Austria.

The workshop started with a warm welcome to all participants from Mr.  Leonhard Stärk (CEO) and a presentation from Mrs. Dr. Barbara Held the representative from Federal Agency for Public Safety Digital Radio and board member of Tetra and Critical Communications Association (TCCA) about the status of broadband data communication in Europe, followed by videos about telematic solutions  and the future of firefighting.

For the discussion part of the workshop the participants were split into three groups: rescue services, firefighting and government agencies.

At first these three groups discussed about the open questions on the Questionnaire, potential of improvement of current systems and what might be possible and important in the future.

The second discussion forum took place in mixed groups with government agencies and NGO’s to talk about improvement of current systems across organizations.

At the end of the workshop all results were gathered and presented by Mr. Uwe Kippnich (WS-leader) to the audience.

All together it was a successful workshop and the results will be important for development of future systems.