On 14th June 2016, the Norwegian Directorate for Emergency Communications (DNK) hosted a BroadMap workshop in Oslo.

The workshop was divided into five sessions. The first three sessions ran in parallel and gathered representatives of each PPDR type. The final two sessions brought all participants together to discuss issues related to interoperability and the common requirements necessary for PPDR. The sessions featured dynamic discussions amongst all PPDR representatives, during which important feedback on end-user needs and PPDR needs was collected.

A total of 40 participants took part in the workshop in Oslo, including police, fire, health service, and military. Several government representatives also attended the meeting, including from the Norwegian Ministry of Justice, the Norwegian Security Authority, and the Norwegian Communications Authority.

Below are some remarks about the BroadMap workshop in Norway from one of the participating police officers:

"From a police perspective we see that broadband for PPDR is something we will need in the near future, so it is important to get started defining needs and requirements for the different services. Several of the participants at the workshop are very engaged in this - that means a lot of people see the importance of this work and the development the next years."

"We see that the requirements and end-user needs are changing at the same time as the "Google generation" joins the ranks. Voice will still be the highest priority, but other functionality will also be important for the emergency agencies to provide good services for the public."