The BROADMAP project will take the first steps towards future procurement of ‘interoperable next generation of broadband radio communication systems for public safety and security’ (DRS-18) to improve PPDR’s service to Europe’s citizens and enhance interoperability across borders.

The primary goal of this project is to:

Collect and validate the PPDR (Public Protection and Disaster Relief) organisations’ existing requirements with the aim to establish a core set of specifications, and roadmap for procurement, to achieve future evolution of EU broadband applications and interoperable radio communication solutions

This project implements a Coordination and Support Action (CSA) with the purpose to inform and guide the future procurement of research and development, networks and devices and their deployment to realise new interoperable broadband networks, and the ecosystems of applications and services to support the PPDR and critical communications community.

The outcomes of BROADMAP will likely feed into later Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) actions, and/or Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions (PPI), which may be subject of subsequent projects funded by EC.

Project BROADMAP addresses the following goals which will likely define the PCP, or other subsequent procurement steps defined as appropriate:

      To collect, assess and validate the PPDR’s wireless broadband communication requirements

      To establish a core set of specifications to fulfil the requirements

      To define transition roadmaps for research and standardisation for future evolution of European interoperable radio communication solutions, within legal procurement constraints

      To prepare the ground for a new eco-system to catalyse new applications, services and processes making use of broadband capabilities for public safety and security

      To utilise the strength of the PPDR community through our partners, their expertise, knowledge, networks and relations with the aim to achieving interoperability across Europe. This importantly includes nuances of societal differences, including different cultures, geography, processes and legal frameworks (See Partnership for details of geopolitical coverage)

You can find an exhaustive presentation of the BroadMap project in the video